What is Cloud FinOps?

Cloud FinOps is a framework for managing cloud costs, facilitating financial accountability, and increasing operational alignment. Cloud FinOps solves the business pain of overpaying for cloud resources, unpredictable bills that don’t match budget and forecast, and inability to show chargeback/showbacks to business units or projects.

Hit your numbers

Benefits for Finance Teams

Regain the control and predictability that was lost when infrastructure shifted to a variable cost model. Get accurate forecasts and data to drive cost-conscious decision-making and accountability.

Recapture hidden margin

Benefits for Technology Teams

Get back to tackling your backlog and driving business value. Rest assured that your Exstratus Cloud FinOps Lead will guard against surprise bills and act as an intermediary between you and the Finance team.

Exstratus “speaks” both IT and Finance — making us uniquely positioned to align your teams so you can get back the task at hand.