Exstratus is an elite cloud optimization team.

When companies grow fast and increase their digital footprint, their cloud bills inevitably begin to deliver an unpredictable price tag.
Our team is focused exclusively on cost optimization. Whatever the complexity, our expert engineers
can help you improve your cloud cost structure.

Hit your numbers

Recapture Hidden Margin

Uncover massive cost savings that can improve margins, fuel growth, and fund innovation without distracting your team. On average our clients save 5x what they thought possible on their AWS, Azure and GCP bills.

Recapture hidden margin

Hit Your Numbers

Dial-in your cloud cost projections each and every quarter. Never be surprised by a bill again. Let us make the small changes you know will have a meaningful impact but just haven’t found the time or resources to handle.

We pay for ourselves. We’ve never failed to return at least 3x on the cost of our services.