We’re Engineers Too

We’re cloud native engineers who can really understand your stack. We get to know your systems far better than any cloud management SaaS ever can, and we get the job done fast.

We never touch your servers. There’s no big IT project involved. And we won’t waste a moment of your time.

Were Engineers

We’ve Done It All

As cloud native engineers, we’ve seen everything: sprawling systems comprised of Kubernetes, ECS, container-system-du-jour, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server clusters with multiple DR nodes, to name just a few.

The list goes on, and we’ve optimized all of those and many, many more.

Weve Done It All

Focus On Your Real Job

Want to get the finance team off your back? Too often, getting costs under control starts with an urgent mandate from on high.

Take a proactive stance on cloud costs. Protect your ability to use the tools and techniques you love most. We help you architect what’s right, not what’s cheap.

Focus on Your Real Job

Stick To Your Roadmap

“We are taking more traffic than ever on our infrastructure, but our Amazon bill is the lowest it has been in 4+ years because of the work Extratus has put in. We feel like Exstratus is part of the team… they seem to care about doing what is right for us. I am a fan.”

MasteryConnect Daniel Baldwin
Director of DevOps

“The entire collaboration has been exactly what we were looking for: rather than promises of savings that are based on generic models of our workload, Exstratus took the time to understand our domain, our architecture, our environments, and our delivery. Their team felt like an extension of our ours, and the communication was consistent and clear.”

Upserve Bright Fulton
EVP of Technology

“Exstratus has been an excellent partner in Digital Turbine’s efforts to reduce cloud spend. They have gone above and beyond to meet my expectations. With their assistance, we have reduced cloud spend by 15-20% over the past year.”

Digital Turbine Christine Collins
Chief Technology Officer

“We were already paying close attention to spend, but even so knew we needed help.  Exstratus’ attention to detail and partnership with our team exceeded our expectations.”

Rapid7 Brandon Turner
Sr. Director Platform Engineering

From Data to Done

We’re ROI-focused engineers who deliver strategy and tactics, from start to finish.

No Big IT Project

No Big IT Project

We don’t rearchitect. We never touch your servers or edit your code. We identify quick wins that don’t disrupt infrastructure or productivity.

Cloud Native Engineers

Cloud Native Engineers

We come from engineering. We’ve walked in your shoes and lived in your world.
We deeply understand the cloud: inside and out.

Start Now, Move Fast

Start Now, Move Fast

Our initial savings analysis takes just 1 week, and we can begin executing programs immediately. Our average project yields results in 3 months.

Human Touch

A Human Touch

We are more than software: our human engineers contextually understand your system and can see through the noise to determine where the bloat really exists.

Airtight Confidentiality

Airtight Confidentiality

Staying out of your code and off your servers is just one of the many ways we ensure your data is 100% safe and secure during our engagement.

Lasting Impact

A Lasting Impact

We can handle everything from end to end, but you’re never locked in. We coach your team as we go and leave behind cultural changes that will last.

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You save, we guarantee. We pay for ourselves and save our clients millions. We’ve never failed to return at least 3x on the cost of our services. Let us help you recover lost margin, hit your projections, and save more than you ever thought possible.