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We are a full-service team of seasoned engineers who deeply understand the cloud: inside and out, technically and economically. We’ve worked with numerous companies with massive cloud bills and have experience optimizing at the most granular level — every instance, cluster and volume. Our approach is part technique, part technology, and all about your unique cloud structure.


Philip Flesher
Philip Flesher

Omar Samman
Omar Samman
Head of Sales & Business Development
Brad Zobrist
Head of Cloud Services

Jonathan Brehm
Cloud Analyst
Will Brown
Cloud Analyst
Deeja Cruz
Cloud Analyst
Julie Engleking
Cloud Analyst
Marcos Forgash
Cloud Analyst
William Mitschke
Cloud Analyst
Grant Williams
Cloud Analyst

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How We Work

To start, we offer every client a completely free cost savings analysis.

You grant us read-only access to your account for just 1 week. We’ll then present you with a high-confidence estimate of the savings that we can help you recover and a program timeline.

Whatever your environment, we can work closely with your team to streamline it. We work perfectly alongside the tools and software you are already using, and we can move swiftly without being intrusive.

Finally, by making cloud costs more transparent and accountable, we help you lock in and extend the savings. It’s more than just a project. We help produce lasting change. It’s that simple, truly.

Join Us

We are currently hiring for a Head of Cloud Services who has extensive experience with AWS and is looking for an opportunity to move into an executive-level position.  This client-facing role includes being a cloud-savvy operator who will head up the core of the business, managing the analyst team and our client portfolio.

If you have the background and excitement for this position, click the career link below!


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You save, we guarantee. We pay for ourselves and save our clients millions. We’ve never failed to return at least 3x on the cost of our services. Let us help you recover lost margin, hit your projections, and save more than you ever thought possible.