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Exstratus offloads the hard work of Cloud FinOps — optimization, reporting, forecasting, discounting, vendor negotiation, and architecting for unit economics. Armed with our powerful data analytics platform and years of experience, the Exstratus team provides cross-industry insights,Were Engineers aligns IT and Finance, and continually maximizes the profitability of your cloud infrastructure. Our certified experts become an extension of your staff, enabling your engineers to focus on driving business value without distractions.

Public cloud providers are primarily focused on feature development of their service offerings, not on the negative downstream effects their model may cause their customers. While they provide monitoring and billing services, they are disincentivized to drive real change throughout an infrastructure and team to promote responsible and efficient cloud use. With nearly a decade of experience of optimizing cloud environments, Exstratus deeply understands how to architect for and negotiate with these cloud providers to maximize your investment.


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Philip Flesher

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Omar Samman
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Align Finance and Technology

Hit your numbers

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Create a Cost Conscious Culture

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Why Choose Exstratus

We are focused solely on running FinOps programs for our clients.

That means we are 100% focused on what’s in your best interest, not in generating revenue as a cloud reseller (as most Managed Service Providers are).

Exstratus provides you the unbiased people, processes, and platform to get your FinOps practice off the ground quickly and painlessly.

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We’re always hiring Cloud Analysts who love data, computing, math, and money. If you enjoy working in spreadsheets and tinkering with PC’s, you’re probably a good match for us.

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Exstratus provides the people, process, and platform to get your FinOps practice off the ground quickly and painlessly. Contact us to learn more.

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