We Save Our Clients Millions

We achieve dramatic, sustained cloud savings. This requires deep technical expertise, financial acumen, and fantastic attention to detail – all of which we have in spades.

When we work with a client, we focus on three core areas:

1 – Cost-Performance Profiling

Because your infrastructure is complex, we start small. We use proprietary tools and rigorous analysis to identify unnecessary spending on server infrastructure.

First, we use custom software to identify the highest-impact opportunities. Sometimes, we find underutilized servers buried in dusty corners. Other times, we discover inefficient utilization relative to traffic patterns.

Next, we apply human insight to predict the lucrative opportunities based upon past trends, cost savings potential, and time required to execute the savings. We look for the highest bang-for-buck changes to make.

Finally, we make the changes, typically alongside the in-house development team that owns the infrastructure. In the end, the client’s infrastructure is streamlined and efficient, with a much lower bill to match.

2 – Waste Elimination

We monitor in real-time to prevent new waste from occurring. We catalog everything – thousands of instances and resources – and watch for out-of-band spending in every corner of the account.

The most typical areas of waste are found in development and testing environments, where it’s all too easy to allow unused resources to remain active for far too long. But waste can be found anywhere. Good examples include:

  • Developer-owned servers used for new product development or bug fixing that were forgotten
  • Staging or production resources that were left running after a customer canceled his account
  • Supporting infrastructure for logging, metrics, or reporting that was used at one time but was deprecated long ago

3 – Culture Change

We address the root cause of overspending – company culture. After drastically reducing our client’s cloud bill, we work hands-on to shine a light on how waste occurs and create processes to eliminate those factors.

We start with the ground-level engineers, showing them their impact on costs. We develop regular reporting on efficiency for the entire management chain. All stakeholders become connected, so everyone feels ownership.

Our approach ties together Finance and Engineering, helping them see how each side works. This transparency builds a bridge of mutual understanding and proactive communication. Surprise cloud cost overruns become a thing of the past.

No-Risk Cost Savings Estimate

We offer every client a no-risk (yes, completely free, no strings attached) cost savings analysis.

You grant us read-only access to your AWS account* for just 2-3 days. We’ll present you with a high-confidence estimate of the savings that we can help you recover.

We’ve never failed to return at least 300% on the cost of our services. If we aren’t confident we can do the same for you, we’ll tell you up front.

*protected under your standard NDA

Any business that uses AWS can benefit from our no-risk cost optimization analysis. We’ve worked with accounts of all sizes, from startups to multinational Fortune 500’s.

Call or e-mail us today for more information.